Cisco Prime Network Registrar (PNR)

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This course is designed for technical professionals who need to know how to deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot Cisco® Prime Network Registrar and Cisco Prime IP address management in their network environments. The primary audience for this course includes:

  • System engineers
  • Technical support personnel
  • Channel partners, resellers

Предварительные требования

Following are the prerequisites for this course:

  • Basic knowledge of the Internet and Internet Protocol

Цели курса

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the function of the regional PNR server and local DHCP, authoritative DNS, caching DNS, and TFTP servers
  • Configure DHCP servers with class of service options for IPv4 and IPv6
  • Configure DHCP failover
  • Configure authoritative DNS servers
  • Configure dynamic DNS and high-availability DNS pairs
  • Configure caching DNS servers
  • Describe the architecture and function of the IPAM software
  • Describe the address management fundamentals
  • Describe how discovery populates the address management database
  • Describe how the IPAM software can deploy DNS and DHCP

Содержание курса

The Cisco Prime™ Network Registrar version 8.2 instructor-led course offered by Learning Services High-Touch Delivery provides you with the advanced knowledge and skill sets required to successfully deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot PNR and PNR/IPAM in a typical network environment. You will learn the fundamental concepts on which the DHCP and DNS servers are based in order to understand how to troubleshoot problems relating to installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. You will learn how to configure DHCP and DNS servers. In addition, you will use the system command line interface to monitor servers, health, status, and other functions of DHCP DNS, TFTP, and other servers. You will learn the fundamentals of IP address management (IPAM) and the details of the software that provides tools to manage the address space of an organization.

This course combines lecture materials and hands-on labs throughout to make sure that you are able to successfully deploy, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot Cisco Prime Network Registrar (CNR) and Cisco Prime IP address management (IPAM) in your network.

Classroom training
Modality: G

Длительность 4 дня

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